*Please Note*  We are taking repairs bought from the website as usual. Only local repairs can be dropped off and collected in person. We are asking local customers dropping off a repair to email their details in advance so we can have a form already filled in for you, cutting down the time in the unit. We ask that you please observe social distancing and keep your distance from the counter, please leave the door open and leave your repair on the desk near the door. Rest assured your repairs will be returned with all necessary precautions having being taken. Regular bleaching and disinfecting is carried out before and after any customers or courier delivers come to the unit. We aim to keep our customers and ourselves as safe as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Other Makes Laptops Repairs

Laptop & Computer Repairs in Matlock .
We pride ourselves in providing high quality laptop & computer repair services.

We have invested in the lateast infrared equipment to enable us to repair motherboards at component level.  This allows us to offer customers a more cost effective option by repairing the motherboard if possible insted of just replacing it.

Spare parts can also be supplied.

Services for all makes and models of  laptops, Apple, Sony , HP , Compaq , Toshiba , Dell and many others. 
Get your laptop repair estimate completely free.


Laptop HP,Dell, Sony, Microsoft , Lenovo, Samsung,  Motherboard Repair Service

Laptop HP,Dell, Sony, Microsoft , Lenovo, Samsung, Motherboard Repair Service

​Laptop Motherboard Repair Why pay over £300 to have your Laptop  motherboard replace..


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